Cherry the Florist @ The Lodge on Loch Goil

The Lodge on Loch Goil offer the services of their florist, Cherry, as an optional extra to their wedding packages. Cherry works on the lodges premises a couple of days a week, tending the garden (from where they source some of their flowers) and preparing the household and wedding bouquets.


Before I go any further,  does anyone else agree that Cherry is possibly the cutest name for a florist ever?…

Anyway, because I’m not from the area, it made sense to use Cherry’s services. I didn’t want to hunt around online for a florist when I could see from the venue’s portfolio that Cherry’s bouquets were beautiful and not even terribly expensive. (it’s important to pick your battles with weddings, you simply can’t plan everything meticulously – some things you have to leave to chance or else risk losing your mind).

So I let the Lodge’s wedding planner know that I would like to use Cherry’s services. A week later, Cherry called me. What a sweet lady, she asked me a few question about myself and about my wedding. She was getting an idea for what my style was. What colour the bridesmaid was wearing, the groom, the groomsmen. What fabric is my dress.

This exercise peaked my interest. I knew EXACTLY what type of flowers I wanted (ivory and blush Avalanche roses – I have simple taste and adore this elegant rose), but I wanted to see if she would be able to guess, based simply on the answers to these basic questions. I was careful not to give away my preference.

And what did Cherry recommend? A mix of ivory and blush Avalanche roses for me, and a contrasting bouquet of only ivory Avalanche roses for my bridesmaid, both mixed with a little foliage and pink alstroemeria, tied loosely by hand and secured with a simple satin ribbon to achieve the relaxed and unfussy look that I wanted to achieve.


I was quoted around £120 for the two bouquets and a handful of  ivory Avalanche rose lapel pins for the groom and his groomsmen.

When I arrived at the venue, the bouquets were waiting for me and my sister wrapped in foil. They’d been refrigerated to keep them fresh since they were arranged a couple of days earlier. I hate to say that this was noticeable and some of the petals had slightly stained and frayed edges from the dampness, which was a shame
. However, they did seem to revive as they warmed up throughout the day, and they still looked beautiful.

In retrospect, I think I may have preferred not to include the alstroemeria, which were predominately white/green in tone, rather than pink, but they still looked gorgeous and I carried my bouquet around with me as we travelled through the Scottish highlands on honeymoon.

The bouquets finally gave up two days before we returned home – after 12 days of living in hotel bathtubs. Impressive.


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