Lochgoil Hair Design @ Drimsynie House Hotel, a Review

I got married in a remote location in Scotland (2 miles from the nearest village, over 10 miles to the nearest petrol station), on a Sunday. I soon found out that this meant getting a hairdresser (from Glasgow, the nearest city) to do my hair at the venue was going to be difficult and expensive.

I had three choices:

  • Fork out for a remote hairdresser
  • Visit a hairdresser nearby the venue
  • DIY wedding hair

Given that I do not live in Scotland and therefore would not be able to have a “trial” session, I was also more than a little apprehensive at the prospect of using a remote hairdresser. I was more comfortable with using a salon-based hairdresser, but was leaning towards DIY, thinking that this might prove a less risky option.

So I started to research the sorts of wedding hairstyles I like, and considered what me and my bridesmaid might be capable of practically achieving ourselves. It didn’t take long before we realised that DIY wedding hair styling wasn’t going to work.

After a little more research, I discovered that there’s a large hotel in the nearby village of Lochgoilhead called Drimsynie House and it has its own hair salon. The hotel was en-route from Glasgow to the venue, so it would be easy for me and my bridesmaid to get dropped there in the morning and make our way to the venue afterwards.

I called the salon to discuss my requirements, and the hairdresser, Tanya Vos, was very friendly and professional. She asked lots of insightful question about the colours, theme and mood of my wedding. We discussed my hair type and the sorts of styles I like & dislike. She made some suggestions that were very in-tune with my own thoughts, which reassured me that the absence of a trial run wouldn’t be too problematic, and so I decided to book for 10am for both my bridesmaid (£45) and I (£65) to have our hair styled.

The Salon

When we arrived at the hotel we were directed to the salon within the hotel itself. The salon is a small-ish room with a desk, chairs, a hair washing sink, and all the usual hairdresser paraphernalia. It isn’t the most glamorous salon in the world, a little tired and dated, but not awful by any means. The hotel is quite old and traditional, which is no doubt the reason.

The Stylist

Tanya, the stylist at Lochgoil Hair Design, was just as chirpy and friendly as I expected from our previous phone call, but otherwise she was not as I expected at all. She is not your average 20-something, ditzy, gum-chewing, peroxide blonde hairdresser (no offence to average hairdressers intended), she is, in fact, a big, bubbly, south african goth. She told us all about her life in Lochgoilhead and South Africa, her dogs, her family, her garden (from which she’d picked some flowers for my bridesmaids hair!) and we gossiped about our weddings. She really was lovely. There was one significant downside to this however – after all this gassing, I was really rather late to the venue, and had to rush to dress and do my makeup. The ceremony was 15 minutes late.

The Hairstyle

I’m not an “up-do” kinda girl. I like hair to look natural: beachy curls, not tight ringlets; golden blonde, not bottle; loose and wispy, not slick and glossy. After much deliberation, I decided a half-up/half-down style would give me the right balance of occassion appropriateness without being too traditional.

So I whittled it down – I wanted sideswept, loose curls, floral accessories, no tiara. I created a Pinterest board and took it along for reference.

Tanya started by washing my hair, and roughly blow drying it. She straightened sections with straightening irons and then started curling, setting with hairspray as she went. She used two different curlers, one wide barrel and one narrow conical, to give a more natural, irregular appearance to the curls. She then pinned the curls up and to the side with looooots of bobby pins and affixed my floral hair clip. This is how how it turned out (flower hair clip from Accessorize):


Style: Good

At first, as it was being styled, I thought the curls Tanya gave me were too tight and crisp, but after an hour or so, they dropped a little into nice, loose dishevelled waves & curls (as you can see above), just like I like them. I was really happy with the hairstyle, she definitely listened to what I wanted, and knew how to re-create it for me.

Colour/shine: Poor

I’m a natural blonde, a sort of ashy honey shade. Cheaper shampoos & conditioners, and many hairspray brands make my blonde hair look dull or greenish/grey. I just took my products for granted, I didn’t think to ask Tanya in advance what products she uses. I realised once I got outside into the natural light that the products she used on my hair made it very dull indeed. Not what I was hoping for on my wedding day.

Longevity: Satisfactory

In the afternoon, whisps of hair fell from the side swept fringe. Later, a pin popped out, and then large sections of the fringe started to loosen. It wasn’t a disaster, I just had to repin these up every so often. This happened towards the end of the photoshoot, so my hair looks a little less than perfect in a few of the pro-snaps. By the evening, most of the curls had dropped out.

The Conclusion:

Although the price was good (very good in fact), I would still expect a higher quality of products to be used, or at least the option provided. I also expected that my hairstyle would last a full day, but unfortunately it didn’t. The salon wasn’t the highest standard, but Tanya was lovely, and my hair did look splendid in the end (it did take too long). Would I recommend Lochgoil Hair Design to a friend? No, not for a special occasion like a wedding.

Lochgoil Hair Design accepts cash only.




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