Fotogenic of Scotland, a Review: 5* Wedding Photography

We picked our photographers as a result of a recommendation from our venue. Usually I wouldn’t do this, my assumption was that wedding venues make recommendations not based on quality, but based on backhand gestures. Not so with the Lodge on Loch Goil. I did some research, compared prices, quality of images and style, and found that Fotogenic of Scotland were more reasonable, and produced much better quality images than their competitors by far.

Creative, Friendly, Perceptive & Unobtrusive Wedding Photographer

They have a vast portfolio online, which really put us at ease. We could see first hand that they had photographed hundreds of weddings, in many settings, and the results were invariably great. Their style is, I would say, a nice mix of modern photojournalistic wedding photography with a contemporary arty/fashion slant (probably because Alicja’s a trained fashion photographer and works for Marie Claire amongst other fashion mags). There are no fad filters or bizarre effects here, just quality photography. Nor do they have just one stylistic template that they use ad infinitum as some photographers do. Here’s an example of their best work (in my opinion).

Now, I hope they don’t read this and up their prices as a consequence, but they really are very reasonable indeed. And they’ve just recently reduced their prices I’ve seen on their website. We actually paid their higher 2011 rates as we booked a year in advance (and still considered them reasonable then). We went for the 4-hour DVD only package with 100 photos (the 2012 deal is better – offering 150 photos on the 4-hour deal).

Another really good thing about Fotogenic is that you get two photographers, effectively for the price of one: Alicja and Michael. You get two different perspectives on the day and two different styles. When Alicja is snapping the bride getting ready, Michael is photographing the boys. While one is capturing close ups of the ceremony, the other is taking beautiful wide shots from a distance. While one is doing the group shots, the other is getting candids. It’s perfect, I’m surprised more wedding photographers don’t follow suit and mimic this model. The few wedding I’ve been to there has been only one photographer, and they tend to be slightly, shall we say, stressed, as a result.

We met Alicja and Michael at their apartment in Glasgow prior to the wedding and discussed what we wanted form the day, they asked us about our likes and dislikes, we talked about style and ambiance and they were very intuitive and conscientious. They put us totally at ease.

On the day, they were stellar. Completely organised, they knew exactly where to be and when. Everything ran smoothly and on time, and they captured all the important moments, from getting ready through to the speeches (even though it meant they had to stay a little beyond the 4 hours we booked). There was no stressing, they were friendly and unobtrusive. We hardly noticed they were there, and when we did, they felt part of the day. Noone noticed cameras awkwardly pointing at them, everything was classy, subtle and relaxed. Exactly what we wanted.

2 weeks after the wedding we got our web gallery. This contains small, watermarked images from which we could select the 100 photos we wanted to keep (our package came with 100 included), and allowed our friends and relatives to order pictures too. We decided that 100 wasn’t enough, and chose to buy the complete gallery for a nominal extra fee. Well worth it.

2 weeks after that, we received a black leather look box (really nice), containing a black leather look book (about 30cm tall by 15 wide) with two disks (photos on one, slideshow on the other) that sit inside on the right, and two small prints on the left. It’s a gorgeous memento of the day. The disks have proper pretty labels with the photogenic logo on them. It looks very professional. We did have a slight hiccup in that one of the disks wasn’t readable when we received it, but Alicja sent us a replacement disk the very next day, and we received it the day after that.

So, as I’m sure you can tell, we were extremely pleased with Fotogenic of Scotland, I don’t think we could have made a better choice, they provided exactly what we wanted.


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