DIY Wedding: How to make your own wedding confetti

Confetti was one of those “small details” that I kept putting off planning. It’ll be easy, I thought, I can leave it until the last minute. When the time came to think about the confetti, I was startled at how much real rose petal confetti would set me back. So I started looking around for dried petals, and later silk petals, but alas, did not find anything that I liked or that suited my vintage, pale pink/ivory wedding theme.

So I turned to Pinterest and Etsy to get some inspiration. I found loads of great examples of paper wedding confetti. My favourite by far were the examples of “vintage” paper heart confetti that I found on Etsy. Rather than buy from an Etsy seller (since most are in the US, and I was short on time), I decided to make my own. Here’s how I did it:

How to make your own vintage paper heart confetti

Please note before commencing that doing this with scissors is quite a project. This took me about a week (cutting out hearts for around 45 mins each evening).

You will need:

For the confetti

  • 1 old novel with yellow pages (try a charity shop) per 20 or so guests.
  • Pair of strong scissors (or heart shaped stamp if you can find one at a craft store – it’ll save you A LOT of time apparently!)
  • Piece of card (I used a cereal box) cut into a heart shaped template (not too small, or it will be hard to cut the hearts).
  • A tub to keep your confetti in (I used tupperware)

For the cones

  • A4 white paper (enough sheets for your total number of guests divided by 2)
  • Double sided sticky tape or Pritt stick
  • A basket


Cut out the confetti

  1. Tear out a wodge of around 10-15 pages from your novel. Keep the wodge together.
  2. Cut the pages into around 3 strips length-ways (cut the whole wodge together, don’t bother doing each page individually).
  3. Cut the strips into 4-5 squares each (large enough that your template fits onto them, but not so large that you waste paper round the edges).
  4. Place your card template onto one the small square wodges of paper.
  5. Cut around the template (don’t worry about being too precise, it’ll add character).
  6. Repeat for every square wodge.
  7. Now pull out another wodge of 10-15 pages from the book, and repeat the whole process until you have finished the whole book.

Add volume/floatability to the confetti (optional)

Flat paper has a tendency to (a) bunch together and (b) fall straight to the ground, rather than float the way you want confetti to. To add “floatability” to your confetti, and ensure the hearts stay seperate, follow these instructions.

  1. Take a few hearts (5 or so) and align them up on top of each other.
  2. Take the pointed end the heart between your fore finger and thumb.
  3. Pinch the heart to create a crease (see diagram below: crease along dotted line) along the vertical. This will give a “petal” shape to the hearts.

Make the cones

  1. Fold 1 sheet of A4 paper in half.
  2. Cut down fold to make A5 sheets.
  3. Fold one of the short edges of the paper diagonally so that the short edge lines up with the long edge of the paper (see diagram below). IMPORTANT: don’t crease the paper along the fold.
  4. Cut the paper along the red line (without creasing the paper) to create a square piece of paper.
  5. Cut a strip of double sided tape and affix one side to the edge of one side of the paper (see diagram below – thick grey line = tape)
  6. Remove the backing from the double sided tape.
  7. Take the adjacent edge of the paper (see diagram – pink edge) and roll to form a cone. Align the edges so that cone is closed at the bottom. Stick down.

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