The Torridon, a Review: Gourmet luxury & outdoor adventure

The Torridon was the first step on our Honeymoon trip, and it provided just the post-wedding relaxation we needed.

Copyright: Graeme Cameron 2012

The drive to the hotel is amazing, and arriving at the front door of the Torridon we were in awe at the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and the impressive building in front of us.

Our room carried on the theme, with views across the Loch and the ground of the hotel. The room itself was very comfortable, and decorated to a high standard. Our bathroom was circular, part of a turret, and we had a roll top bath in the middle of the room. It was beautiful and very unique.

The highlight of our stay was most certainly the restaurant. Torridon serve a 5-course tasting menu which includes a pre-starter, starter, main course (choice of two options), pre-dessert and dessert course (choice of sweet dessert or cheeseboard) The staff are all wonderfully attentive, and bring you each course with pride and purpose, carefully explaining what it is, where it was sourced from, and how it was cooked. They are all friendly and talkative, ask you how your day was, and suggest itineraries for the next. The food itself is of an exceptional standard.

Possibly the best food I have ever eaten. I am doubtful that we will ever experiencing a dining experience quite like it again. I recommend thoroughly choosing the cheeseboard – it’s magnificent and changes daily. Also – although you are taking a 5-course tasting menu, in fact you are provided with canapés before and petit fours & coffee afterwards too!

Another highlight is the Whisky bar which stocks 300 whiskies. The cabinet is so large they have a ladder to reach the top. I was able to taste most of the malts I had on my agenda, some that are difficult to find – especially in London. The bar is very well decorated, and relaxing.

The hotel staff were also very professional and attentive, although perhaps a little defensive at times when questioned about potential issues. My wife is not Scottish, and needed reassurance that the water was safe to drink, being quite peaty and discoloured. While the gentleman behind the reception succeeded in reassuring her, he did seem to misunderstand her intent, assuming she was complaining, rather than enquiring. We had a similar experience when following up on a request to have an item dried by the staff. The young lady (who was very good throughout our stay I should add), responded a little defensively when we asked for an update.
Neither of these encounters detracted from our enjoyment however.

The activities provided are a fantastic addition. We took advantage of the Kayaking, Gorge Scrambling and Archery. All were very professionally organised and great fun.

We were told pre-booking was not required, but frustratingly were told on arrival that due to lack of demand, the kayaking had been cancelled. This was top of my list, so we opted, begrudgingly, to book the kayaking as a paid activity. Another family then booked kayaking for the same time, and the hotel kindly removed the charge from our bill.

In short we had a wonderful stay, and will most certainly remember the Torridon when we are next in the North of Scotland.


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